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ManagePak™ Engineering Workstation Host Software for Windows™
Trend Log Client
Trend Data Logs can store up to twelve objects wide and 254 samples tall. Each unit can store up to ninety-nine Trend Logs. These reports can automatically dump to the host server and be accumulated in their respective trend log file to be displayed or printed as a raw file.
The Trend Log Client enables one to select date/time ranges and objects from huge data records.
Then, by clicking the Report Button a polished report with selectable fonts is automatically generated and is available for printing and exporting in HTML format.
As well, by clicking the Chart Button, one can select between a series of two and three dimensional charting methods to automatically render precise graphs and charts.
One can click on a given object to define a mapped value of the object to give it an alias such as Normal/Alarm, Open/Close, Running/Stopped, etc. for On/Off and numerical values.
After selecting alias values for objects, thereafter reports will define the alias word for a given object's status condition.