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Network Supervisor Direct Digital Controllers

From 1982 to 1992, Control Pak was the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of all the significant electronic components used in the manufacturing of the Network Supervisor.

Approximately 4,000 systems were installed during this time, mostly in the institutional plan and specification market. Of these, the largest volume were installed in schools, universities, municiple buildings and commercial office buildings.

The Network Supervisor became originally known for its revolutionary object oriented programming method which emulated conventional controllers for modular decision making and control refinements. It is presently known as one of the most reliable controllers with over eighty percent of them having been in continuous on-line service for over fifteen years, while rarely requiring maintenance.

Control Pak International Network Supervisor Support
Control Pak International is the OEM service and upgrade manufacturer for the continued on-line service and enhancement of the Network Supervisor Direct Digital Controller.

Control Pak International offers three forms of service.

  • Three Week Repair
    Send in any component and, if repairable, it will be shipped back to you within three weeks of reciept.
  • Forty-Eight Hour Repair
    Your component will be repaired within forty-eight hours from receipt.
    Advanced Replacement
    Upon your issuance of a purchase order, we'll send a repaired component to you via UPS Next Day Air. You then return your damaged components to us within two weeks.

Repaired components all have a ninety-day warranty. Please call Control Pak and ask for a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) number.

Control Pak International offers upgrade kits to advance your Network Supervisor Products to the following field controller levels and offers ManagePak™ Engineering Workstation Host Software which is compatible with any of these field products.

Network Supervisor Series I-IV
More recently released versions of the Central Processing Units firmware chip set and specific hardware are avialable. The cassette/I/O/LAN Board and the power supply board which now offers fuse protection, are two of these hardware enhancements to bring a given series up to the Series IV specifications.

EM Solutions Series
Our latest CPU is more advanced and offers a wide spectrum of field unit CPUs not found on competitive products. Please see EM Solutions™ specifications. One can literally use these kits to upgrade a 1982 vintage product to current specifications and beyond. The LAN expansion port enables future network options such as Echelon's LONMARK and ASHRAE's BACNET protocols.