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ManagePak™ Engineering Workstation Host Software for Windows™

Security Administration allows high level operators to define additional operators, their passwords, application access features and unit object modifications access.
Hierarchical Tree for individual projects, local area networks, controllers, control "object" decisions, trend logs, uploads and system variables.
Monitor and control Direct Digital Controllers on-line via EM Terminal Emulation with optional EM keypad, Hexidecimal code display as an on-line protocol analyzer and error listing.
Edit and override objects via EM Terminal Emulation or Object worksheets from the server tree.
Check various Object Block decisions' values and confirm Timeclock and Zone object schedules and setpoints by hovering over the objects in the hierarchical tree. Then edit Timeclock, Zones, Logics or Maths' Object worksheets to automatically edit the same objects in the controllers while on-line.