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Direct Digital Controllers
Typical Local Area Network Architecture
The standard CPI Local Area Network (LAN) within a given building is a two wire cable ran up to 4000 feet, is RS-485and has up to Sixty-three (63) units (soon to be up to 126 units) connected and sharing modular decisions, time, and communication ports with other units. The units themselves are the EM Solutions Series™ Direct Digital Controllers and they are available in different sizes to achieve the desired Input/Output control functions at the given physical location.

Each EM Solutions™ Controller can support the interface with multiple peripheral devices such as a Modem/Directly connected Host PC, CRT Terminal, Printer, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and a Portable Operators’ Terminal (SS-POT). The Controllers execute all desired monitoring, calculating, controlling and reporting functions (on a "report by exception" basis), as a stand-alone unit, yet can actively receive and exchange data with other units to form a seamless System for proper interface with related mechanical processes.

The ManagePak™ Engineering Workstation host software for Windows™ (Mpak EW Windows) add a substantial amount of central/remote user interface tools for enhanced operations with the LAN through the use of the Server and various Client software features (see Host Software section above). Since the software uses TCP/IP Ethernet based addressing, all of the Client software products can be operated at remote locations on the Intranet and certain products support the Internet interface as well.